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Family Set-Up
Datierung: 2006-2007
Maße: s. Teile
Material/Technik: Mixed Media: Photos, Karton,Textil, Öl/Acryl
Creditline: Artothek des Bundes
Beschreibung: For this series of objects photographs of the artist’s family album have been distorted, reworked and transformed into collages and mini-stages. The artist’s personal archive was also used for the experimental video "Odaliske auf Tuchfühlung- eine Schleierfahndung" (English title: Unveiling Odalsque) which is exploring the attributes of various cultures by comparing the headscarf- wearing-habits of the artist’s two grandmothers, one of Turkish, the other of German origin and the use of the veil by other family members.

Deniz Sözen
Objektnummer: 27779